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Psychic School Wars – English dubbed movie

Psychic School Wars – English dubbed movie-anime movies full,English dubbed Anime Movie Psychic School Wars

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  1. 4:27
    Did anyone else notice that there was someone called Natsuki?
    Just a little reference that I made to Doki Doki Literature Club

  2. 1:44:44 actual ending of this movie. You're welcome.

  3. Is good for me 👍ending they meet each other at last

  4. At 1:03:26 she literally looks like that one Pokemon trainer from Pokemon indigo, am I right or am I right??

  5. at the end (insert JonTron: no no no nooo no no)

  6. This is the best move can you make another of this film it is the best😀😀😀😮😮😮😸😸😸😻😻😻👩👩👩

  7. i find it really funny how the girl says she is coming to school tomorrow to the council and they all look really supersized i think that is because the next day is Saturday hahaha that made me laugh omg if you noticed please reply

  8. ach, this moon BS is at it again =.=

  9. Wait….did they get erased dose anyone know

  10. He came back, at last 😍

  11. the story is very nice think and herooo are good looking.

  12. Well guys I really couldn't understand what the heck was happening in the whole story. But still I feel like it's a painfull anime, Nice work. I'll watch this again tonight.

  13. Wait so he left and everyone forgot about him no why him and the girl was go to date😥

  14. Yeah you was right he isn’t GAY

  15. Ya I don’t have a clue what happend at the end can someone tell me what has happened

  16. hey red haired bitch maybe sekkie would be more willing to like if you stop hitting all the goddamn time

  17. Great cinamtic wise story no fing clue

  18. Someone please explain this movie break it down for me cause i dont now what its trully about.

  19. imagine asking out a girl and your fly is down

  20. Why does it look like that there two guys that will be together in the movie

  21. Sad the end does kenzi comes back cry 😢

  22. I love it ❤❤❤ but the ending was sad because the other boy has gone back to moon

  23. Who else thought this was going to be boring?

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